Kaizen Studio Productions

It all started with an anniversary gift which is our first DSLR camera. We bought it just to capture memories of us as a couple. We just wanted to document our journey as we are starting our little family. But as time goes by, things changed as well as our views when it comes to photography. We both decided to have ourselves enrolled to a photography class. That interest in us grew and become a little hobby to take photos and improve our craft. At that time we noticed that a desire in taking snaps and making remembrance for us becomes bigger and that brought us to what we are now KAIZEN STUDIO PRODUCTIONS. We now wanted not just to have snapshots our own milestones but we wanted to be a part of other people’s memories through our photos. We cannot say that we are the best in our craft because we believe best is not enough. What matters is you continue to learn and improve your craft and most importantly give your clients not just photographs but memories to treasure for a life time.